Route One Joins ICATS!

July 25, 2016




ICATS (Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme) is owned by the Institute of Corrosion and is a comprehensive structured training scheme for the registration, training and certification of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives.

ICATS was developed due to demands by the industry to have formal accredited training for applicators of coatings in the UK.

The Scheme is mandated by the Highways Agency in NHSS19A and Network Rail for all applicators.

ICATS is also a requirement for many other major structure owners such as Oil Companies, Power Generators and Infrastructure Owners.


Rob Thomas, Operations Manager says: “Having a trained and qualified workforce will allow us to demonstrate to our current and potential customers our capability to tackle most industrial painting projects in a professional way – giving them all confidence that they have selected the right company for the job.”

You can read more about the scheme here: 

Case Study: Rochdale Station Bridge

July 14, 2016

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Client: Buckingham Group.

Location: Rochdale Station Bridge.

Products: Stirling Lloyd Hytec Sheet Waterproofing, Mechanically Fixed Hytec Wall Trims, Hytec Geo 1000 Protective Matting.

Buckingham Group employed Route One Rail to carry out the waterproofing works to Rochdale Station Bridge.

Route One operatives applied Hytec Geo 1000 protective matting to the bridge deck before installing Stirling Lloyd Hytec Sheet Waterproofing.

Mechanically fixed Hytec wall trims were then installed and the Hytec welded to the trims.

With another layer of geo-matting protection, the project was completed.