Route One Goes Paperless

March 7, 2017

As part of our business improvement plan, Route One has purchased portable computers in the form of Samsung Galaxy Tablets. These have been installed with SmartSite by; a software created by Microsoft’s top mobile application designers.

The benefit of this investment is to improve many aspects of Route One which include Safety, Quality, Efficiency and People Management. The Environmental impacts were a huge selling point to the business as we are keen to improve our carbon footprint wherever possible.

The tablets will replace our site files and are currently being used by all Route One’s Foremen.

Danielle Shaw, ROH QUENSH Coordinator says: “The initial use of the SmartSite software has been a huge improvement to the Operations team. The most substantial is how the rapid access to data has dramatically improved reporting.  The speed in which we are receiving business critical information is outstanding.”

Case Study: Awsworth Road Overbridge

February 22, 2017

Pic 1          Pic 2

Client: Amalgamated Construction (AMCO Rail)

Location: Awsworth Road, Ilkeston.

Products: Stirling Lloyd Par 1 Primer, One Coat Eliminator, Bond Coat 3

Route One Rail have been employed by AMCO Rail to carry out the bridge deck waterproofing and expansion joint works on their project at Awsworth Road for Network Rail.

During their first visit to site, the installation team prepared the concrete deck by means of enclosed shot blasting and open blasting prior to priming, using Stirling Lloyd’s PAR 1 Primer.

Route One then sprayed the deck with Stirling Lloyd’s Eliminator one coat system, followed by Bond Coat 3 to enhance the ‘bond’ between the waterproofing system and the surfacing that will follow.

Route One will be returning to site for the second visit and will be installing the Stirling Lloyd Sentinel EMR100 expansion joint system.

Case Study: Glendon Road Overbridge, Kettering

November 3, 2016

image006      image007

Client: AMCO Rail

Location: Glendon Road, Kettering

Products: Stirling Lloyd Eliminator One Coat System, PAR 1 Primer, Tack Coat No.2, Hytec Sheet Waterproofing, Geo 1000 Protective Matting, Hytec Wall Trims, Protection Boards

Route One Rail were employed by Amalgamated Construction to install the bridge deck waterproofing to Glendon Road overbridge, which is part of the Kettering to Corby scheme.

Route One operatives carried out deck preparation through shot blasting to remove any laitance prior to priming the deck with Stirling Lloyd PAR 1 Primer.

We then installed Stirling Lloyd Eliminator one coat system to the full area and Tack Coat No.2 in order to protect the waterproofing system, ready for the new surfacing.

A spark test was conducted to assess the integrity of the waterproofing membrane, followed by a ‘pull-off’ test to determine the adhesion strength between the membrane and the deck.

Hytec sheet applied waterproofing was then installed to the arched section of the overbridge. Geo 1000 protective matting was applied prior to the waterproofing and again afterwards.

Operatives mechanically fixed the Hytec wall trims to the structure before heat welding the waterproofing membrane to the trims and installing protection boards to the deck ends.

Route One completed the first phase of the scheme to programme and will be re-attending site to carry out the waterproofing works to the two approaches.

Route One Joins ICATS!

July 25, 2016




ICATS (Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme) is owned by the Institute of Corrosion and is a comprehensive structured training scheme for the registration, training and certification of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives.

ICATS was developed due to demands by the industry to have formal accredited training for applicators of coatings in the UK.

The Scheme is mandated by the Highways Agency in NHSS19A and Network Rail for all applicators.

ICATS is also a requirement for many other major structure owners such as Oil Companies, Power Generators and Infrastructure Owners.


Rob Thomas, Operations Manager says: “Having a trained and qualified workforce will allow us to demonstrate to our current and potential customers our capability to tackle most industrial painting projects in a professional way – giving them all confidence that they have selected the right company for the job.”

You can read more about the scheme here: 

Case Study: Rochdale Station Bridge

July 14, 2016

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Client: Buckingham Group.

Location: Rochdale Station Bridge.

Products: Stirling Lloyd Hytec Sheet Waterproofing, Mechanically Fixed Hytec Wall Trims, Hytec Geo 1000 Protective Matting.

Buckingham Group employed Route One Rail to carry out the waterproofing works to Rochdale Station Bridge.

Route One operatives applied Hytec Geo 1000 protective matting to the bridge deck before installing Stirling Lloyd Hytec Sheet Waterproofing.

Mechanically fixed Hytec wall trims were then installed and the Hytec welded to the trims.

With another layer of geo-matting protection, the project was completed.


Case Study: Clifton Bridge, Penrith

June 13, 2016

Main Photo

Route One, having successfully worked for Carillion on a number of high profile highway schemes, has recently completed its first rail scheme for Carillion Rail in the North West.

Carillion Rail employed Route One Rail to undertake the trackside waterproofing works at Clifton Bridge which forms part of the Lancaster Carlisle Line on the Penrith Bypass.

Approximately 1200m2 of Stirling Lloyd Hytec sheet waterproofing and Geo 1000 Membrane was installed over two weekend possessions, three weeks apart. Route One completed its works early in both of the possessions, allowing the other trades additional time for completion.

Since its inception, Route One has gone from strength to strength over the past 10 years and continues to grow and develop its expertise and resources over the Highways and Rail sectors.

Ashleigh Wilson, Route One Rail Sales Manager says: “We are pleased to complete our first scheme for Carillion Rail and hope it is the beginning of many more.  This is another great example of  Route One Rail working collaboratively with their client to ensure the scheme was completed within the possession programme.”

Route One – All in One!

April 11, 2016


Route One Rail recently completed a package of works to the new Cow Lane Bridge at Sharlston, Wakefield for AMCO on behalf of Network Rail.

Works to the newly installed bridge deck included preparation of the concrete prior to receiving Stirling Lloyd Eliminator Waterproofing system with Tack Coat 2.

Stirling Lloyd loose laid Hytec Waterproofing with a Geo 1000 protective geotextile was installed as ‘drapes’ to the deck ends.

Transverse Buried Sentinel Joints were also installed as part of the package prior to resurfacing. Route One Rail then resurfaced the deck with a binder and surface course.

Ashleigh Wilson, Sales Manager at Route One Rail says: “This is yet another innovative example of Route One delivering a seamless package of services on a challenging project with tight deadlines.”

Continuing on the Route for Growth

April 11, 2016


Following significant investment in operational capabilities with the purchase of new vehicles and plant, Route One Highways continue to strengthen with a number of new appointments across the business.

Steve Cassie joins Route One Highways as Commercial Director. Steve has an extensive career in the Asphalt sector; this includes 26 years at Aggregate Industries.

James Martin joins as Business Development Manager bringing over 12 years experience within the highways sector. James will be developing new business in the highways and rail sectors.

To support the growth and to maintain customer services, Route One have increased their business support roles. Megan Robinson has joined as Commercial Administrator to support the Business Development and Sales Team.

Anna Dworczak will be supporting the busy operations division as Operations Administrator and Chantelle Walters also joins the Administration team.

Route One Highways are also proud to announce the following internal promotions:

Rob Thomas has been promoted to Operations Manager with Andy Evans and Simon Atkinson to Contracts Manager. Matthew Depledge has been promoted to Senior Supervisor and Craig McGee to Site Supervisor.

These promotions will enable Route One to deliver their increased order book and position the business ready to deliver further growth with an extensive range of services to existing and new customers.