Case Study: Glendon Road Overbridge, Kettering

November 3, 2016

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Client: AMCO Rail

Location: Glendon Road, Kettering

Products: Stirling Lloyd Eliminator One Coat System, PAR 1 Primer, Tack Coat No.2, Hytec Sheet Waterproofing, Geo 1000 Protective Matting, Hytec Wall Trims, Protection Boards

Route One Rail were employed by Amalgamated Construction to install the bridge deck waterproofing to Glendon Road overbridge, which is part of the Kettering to Corby scheme.

Route One operatives carried out deck preparation through shot blasting to remove any laitance prior to priming the deck with Stirling Lloyd PAR 1 Primer.

We then installed Stirling Lloyd Eliminator one coat system to the full area and Tack Coat No.2 in order to protect the waterproofing system, ready for the new surfacing.

A spark test was conducted to assess the integrity of the waterproofing membrane, followed by a ‘pull-off’ test to determine the adhesion strength between the membrane and the deck.

Hytec sheet applied waterproofing was then installed to the arched section of the overbridge. Geo 1000 protective matting was applied prior to the waterproofing and again afterwards.

Operatives mechanically fixed the Hytec wall trims to the structure before heat welding the waterproofing membrane to the trims and installing protection boards to the deck ends.

Route One completed the first phase of the scheme to programme and will be re-attending site to carry out the waterproofing works to the two approaches.